Wrong Road Side Parking – Parking Offences and Penalty in Mumbai

“Keep yourself updated with this simple article listing the very common legal offences when it comes to car parking or parking any vehicle you own illegally on road side. This helps yourself and Mumbaikars with safe and pedestrian friendly roads. Keep away from the below listed offences and save your money and energy spent talking arguing with traffic cops of Mumbai..”

Often we get confused about traffic rules in Mumbai as we usually don’t by heart the list of offences listed by traffic police of Mumbai. Yet as a good citizen we should keep a basic understanding on what makes other car driver or a pedestrian uncomfortable if we do not care of where should and should not we park our vehicles (Car or Bikes). We are specially talking here about Car owners as its the one taking up larger space on Mumbai roads compared to bikes. Below is complete list of parking considered as legal offence which attracts penalty in Mumbai.

Illegal Parking

Illegal Road Side Parking

Where Should We Not Park Our Car / Bike ?

Illegal parking which comes under below listed types attracts fine of Rs.100/- . A Challan Receipt (Pavti in Hindi) is given and asked to collect you car Documents / License from Court or Police station upon paying the fine. If i am not wrong, if you delay collecting you documents within 7 days, 8th day you will be changed Rs.1000/- for same. Kindly help me with your comments here..

  • Parking in and against the flow of traffic.
  • You might be charged also if your car creates any kind of Obstruction if parked wrongly or inappropriately (prescribed manner) or which causes obstructions.
  • Parking and blocking authorized taxi stands
  • Parking at corner, As Mumbai slangs says a ‘KHOPCHA’.
  • If you are parking anywhere near BEST / MSRTC or any Public bus stop, Keep minimum distance of 15 Meters on Both Side of stand.
  • Public / Vehicle bridges including flyovers are not meant for parking and you may attract penalties here too.
  • Vehicle Parked at traffic island. Some of such traffic islands in South (F) Ward as per MCGM are :
    1. Dadar : Junction of Dr B A Road and Dadasaheb Falke Road Opposite Hindmata Talkies.
    2. Sewree : Sakharam Lanjekar Road, Opposite Fatima High School.
    3. Parel : Jerbai Wadia Road and E Borjes Road which are Opposite Tata Hospital.
    4. Parel : V R Khandekar Chowk, Junction of Acharya Donde Road and E Borjes Road.
    5. Cotton Green : P J Sawant Chowk, Junction of Zakeria Bander Road and T J Road.
    6. Kalachowky : Near Building No. 42 at Shahid Bhagatsingh Road and Abhyudaya Nagar.
    7. Opposite Abhyudaya Bank at GD Ambekar road junction near Vijaykumar Walimbe road.
  • Common sense, If parked in no Parking area (Watch That NO PARKING BOARD SIGN).
  • Pedestrian crossing location is vitally important and also legally not allowed
  • Footpath, as its not ‘PARKPATHS’.
  • Car Parking in front of any gates.

Deven Jadav
Deven Jadav
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