Towing Charges For Illegal Parking Of Cars and Bikes in Mumbai

“Before i detail about the current and rising towing charges (Penalty Fines) from May 1st 2014 in City Mumbai, i will request you to share your personal experience about if your car/jeep or bike has been ever towed by traffic police vehicle ? How generally you settle it legally or have you ever bribed anyone to get the towing matter settled immediately as it was ready for towing away on road because you parked in no parking zone ? It will be of extreme important to know how things go around in various locations in Mumbai..”

Real Car Towing Done

Real Car Towing Done

This almost after 10 years traffic department has taken this step to increase the current towing charges to other level. This is due effecting inflation on the private vehicles (Cranes) used for towing services who demands the hike due to increase in fuel cost and others. Rs.100 is included as penalty for Parking fine for illegal parking in restricted area. Both additional and joint commissioner has approved the upcoming revised charges effective from 1st May 2014 as per news. Below are the old and new charges.

Vehicle Type Old Rates (Rs.) INR Revised Rates (Rs.) INR
Bikes (Two Wheeler) 200 280
Car / Jeep (Four Wheeler Light Weight) 300 460
Taxi (Public Service Cab) 250 370
Autos (Public Service Rickshaw) 150 280
Tempo (Heavy vehicle used for Transport) 400 640
Trucks and Tankers (Heavy Category) 700 1180

Talk your experience about if anytime car towing was done, How easy or hard it is to get it back and what did it cost you ?

Deven Jadav
Deven Jadav
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